Lealudvik is an artistic duo consisting of Lea and Matjaž. Located in Ljubljana / SI. Active in fields of visual art, graphic design and zine production. 
mail: lealudvik@gmail.com, instagram:@lealudvik
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As It Is, So Be It

    Four Eyed Monster II v2   
    Fish Love

In the waters on Leviathan

Four Eyed Monster

I Would Go Poof! 

In Two

Safe haven

    Safe Haven 
    Duality Insanity

    Sexually Significant
    Her Gaze / His Gaze
    Scorpio Dyptich





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In two, 2016, video triptych

In the creation of our work, we drew the greatest influence from Karel Zelenko's policy or his approach to the creative process. In his view that the main element of his graphics is drawing itself and not experimenting with the medium, we recognized a parallel with our approach to video, where we do not try to look for the capabilities of the medium, but use the medium for visualization. In analyzing Zelenko's oeuvre, we were influenced by his figurativeness, placing human at the center of events, fascination with magic, affinity for the female body, the primary relationship between man and woman (Adam and Eve)… We are inspired by the sanctity of duality that causes disconnection from the world, the timelessness and insignificance of the surroundings. In the video triptych, we show the ‘magical’ process of manifestation of the relationship. From idea and draft to love relationship. As instructions for the visualization of the path and narration, we relied on the Kabbalistic tree of life, with which the atmosphere of mysticism in two and other elements that attracted us most to Zelenko are intertwined atmospherically. 

The work was exhibited at the group exhibition of the Biennial of Independent VS in MGLC.