Lealudvik is an artistic duo consisting of Lea and Matjaž. Located in Ljubljana / SI. Active in fields of visual art, graphic design and zine production. 
mail: lealudvik@gmail.com, instagram:@lealudvik
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As It Is, So Be It

    Four Eyed Monster II v2   
    Fish Love

In the waters on Leviathan

Four Eyed Monster

I Would Go Poof! 

In Two

Safe haven

    Safe Haven 
    Duality Insanity

    Sexually Significant
    Her Gaze / His Gaze
    Scorpio Dyptich





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Tinta - festival stripa 2022

Platforma festival 2022

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Fish Love, 2019, three-channel video installation 

Work, called Fish Love, demonstrates the development of their understanding of contemporary partnership and the problematic nature of the romanticized notion of love. In the three-channel video, the artists eat the casts of each other’s bodies, while in the background one can hear their voices reading a transcript of a viral video, in which a rabbi tells the parable of the “fish love” we are receiving and also providing. As a key point, he emphasizes the gesture of giving, and points to the selfishness that the capitalist system supports, either in an intimate relationship with a fellow human being or in relation to the general societal. By reading his words, the artists occupy the place of spiritual leader in their relationship with each other as well as in their relationship to the common; with the gesture of feeding and placing the casts of their bodies at the centre of the art installation, they indicate the abandonment of the ego, or the sacrifice that is necessary in mutual relations. (Tia Čiček)

The video installation was part of the exhibition Lealudvik: As it is, so be it at Škuc Gallery in 2020.

Fish Love three-channel video with installation in 4th room from exhibition As it is, so be it at Škuc Gallery 23. 1.-20. 2. 2020. Curator: Tia Čiček.

Photo: Bojan Mijatović